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We offer Levi accommodation in a cozy apartment and it is located at the Levi ski resort center in Lapland. At Levi, Finland, you will find activities for all seasons. In our compact and comfortable Levi apartment you will be able to relax in between activities.

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About our Levi accommodation - Affordable Levi apartment in center of Levi ski resort 

  • Our comfortable Levi apartment is ideally located near the center of Levi.
  • Everything is near and just a quick walk for all of many indoor and outdoor activities
  • Levi apartment has its own free parking space and a heating pole.
  • Our Levi accommodation have room for 2+3 persons. Accommodation is suitable for 2 or up to 5 persons.
  • Our apartment has a bedroom, loft, ski storage, cable TV and a kitchen with a dishwasher and microwave, coffee machine, kettle and toaster.
  • The bathroom has a sauna and shower. Kitchen have good basic equipment.
  • Towels and bed linen are available at an additional cost.
  • Ski maintenance room, lockable storage and wall outlet for car heating.
  • All services of Levi tourist center are within walking distance. 
  • Our Levi accommodation location is ideal for people arriving by public transport.
  • The total price includes final cleaning.
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Activities during your stay on our Levi accommodation

What to do in Levi winter?

  • Downhill skiing and snowboarding
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Northern Lights
  • Snowmobiling
  • Husky and Reindeer safari farms
  • Showshoeing

What is Levi like in the summer?

  • Hiking
  • Rafting and paddling
  • Golf
  • Disc golf
  • Minigolf

How is spring in Levi?

What is there to do in Levi in autumn?

Enjoy and breath the purest air in Europe

The breath-taking nature of Levi is an experience in itself. It nurtures the mind and soul during all seasons around the year. 

The Levi ski resort is one of the top ski resort in Finland and its also valued and recognized internationally. The ski resort consists of 43 slopes, 27 lifts, two gondolas and numerous cafes and restaurants. The slopes have been planned with everyone in mind. There are slopes for beginners, for skiers that visit annually and even experts will be challenged with the steepest slopes of the resort. The highest slope sits at the altitude of 325m and the longest slope is 2300m. The snow usually falls on the slopes during october-november and the skiing season lasts till the half of may.

Our Levi apartment is located in a beautiful neighborhood surrounding lovely places to walk to and enjoy fresh air and the Nordic nature. On these walks you may spot reindeer. They can be spotted all over the year but especially during summer. During winter we recommend you to visit safaris or reindeer farms for a magical experience. Snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, downhill-skiing, snow shoe walking, sledding and Nordic walking are some of the most popular winter activities at Levi during winter. After your activities during the daytime you can relax for example by visiting the spa nearby or by going hunting for the magical northern lights. Levi arranges directed trips for tourist. For children there are fun parks and a spa. Children can also attend ski school and visit unique places like the elves hideaway.

Cross-country skiing 

For cross-country skiers Levi offers 230 kilometres of tracks. 28km are lit up with lights making skiing possible from the early morning hours till night. The map of the tracks http://www.levi.fi/media/files/kartat/levi_latukartta_2015_fi.pdf

Levi also offers ski lessons for both downhill skiing and cross-country skiing. Equipment can also be rented for both activities and many more like snow walking with snowshoes.

Summertime and autumn

During summertime you can enjoy the midnight sun. This is when the sun doesn’t set during the night. It is a magical and once in a lifetime experience for tourists. Hiking, golf, frisbee golf, canoeing, white water rafting and fishing are popular activities in the summer and again arranged trips are available to book from Levi. Autumn is the best time for mountain biking, enjoying Finland’s beautiful colorful fall, hiking, collecting berries and mushrooms in the woods. Finnish sauna can be used all year around.  You can find 3 well equipped gyms near our apartment. Levi night life is very active and there are many popular bars. There are many restaurants to choose from all year around. You can experience  Finnish cuisine made from local ingredients or choose any other amazing restaurant from the great variety.  

Would you like time to breathe?

Feel and experience –  fresh pure nature, clean air, silence in the woods, sense stress-free atmosphere, scents

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