Levi first snow and first snow cross-country ski track

The front slope in Levi, the illuminated cross-country ski trail in the first snow and the park on the front slope will open in October-November. Skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing are made possible by the snow preserved the previous spring. In October-November, the first snow of nature often rains, and permanent snow is usually on the ground after mid-November. Considering the autumn holiday season, Levi offers diverse opportunities to enjoy skiing and even cycling in Levi’s stunning scenery. Winter and summer hobbies come at the same time. The winter season begins in early December, when there is enough snow for various winter activities such as snowmobiling and husky and reindeer safaris. Levi’s first snow offers an early start to the ski season.

Cross-country skiing on first snow track

Levi’s first snow track opens among the first. When the frosts arrive in October-November, you can go cross-country skiing on the illuminated first snow trail in Levi. The first snow trail is 9 km long and the height differences are about 35 meters.

The illuminated first snow trail starts next to the Hullu Poro arena next to the center of Levi. The trail continues in the direction of Levi Golf. Depending on the weather, the route back and forth is either 9 km or about 4 km long. With algae, the pre-snow trail is snowed as soon as possible, an additional trail is created quickly if the weather allows. Snow cannons are on 24/7.

The first snow trail in Levi is free and lighted. In October-November, accommodation is affordable. From our apartments building can be found a common ski lubrication room in the building.

There are a total of 230 km of ski trails in the entire Levi ski network, the ski trails are suitable for traditional and ice skating, whether for an active fitness enthusiast, a cross-country skier or a newcomer to the sport. If necessary, the Levi Ski School provides instruction for enthusiasts of all levels.

The parking lot for the first snow trail in Levi can be found along road Laaksotie : https://goo.gl/maps/2hQMusaus38sHAAF7

Downhill skiing first snow

A front slope area will be built on the front slope of Levi for the first snow, which can be calculated along its entire length. An area for parking skiers will also be built in the area of ​​the front slope.

During the opening weekend of the ski season, it is possible to test ski equipment and bike models next summer in Levi

Need equipment?

There are four equipment rental shops in Levi where you can find the right ski equipment for your use. The service professionals know how to choose the right ski package for you.

Real time trail  conditions  for cross country skiers

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