Canoeing and whitewater rafting in Levi

Canoeing and white water rafting

Canoeing in Levi allows you to witness nature at its best. You escape into the wilderness while canoeing on the famous trails in Levi with gorgeous scenery. You can rely on an experienced guide to indulge in thrilling paddling activities in Levi.

  •  Paddle with a canoe on a lake
  • Go kayaking in an archipelago
  • Balance on stand-up paddleboards

Our Levi apartment is located close to the hub of adventurous activities. Several experienced canoeing guides can offer you an enriching experience.

  • Kinos Safaris
    Kinos Safaris promises unforgettable and safe experiences in the distinctive nature of Lapland. Snowmobile safari is their unique offering along with reindeer, husky safaris and ice fishing.
  • Lapin Luontoelämys
    Lapin Luontoelämys offers unique summer and winter activities including ice fishing, ski safaris, snowshoe, paddling, northern light safaris, and mountain bike rides.
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Are you looking for accommodation in Levi? Book accommodation in the center of Levi

Leviloma 27m2 Levi apartment – accommodation for 1-4 people with sauna in the center of Levi

Leviloma 21m2 Levi accommodation – apartment for 1-2 people with sauna in the center of Levi