Snowshoeing in Levi

A fantastic and active way to enjoy the pure nature of Levi is trekking on snowshoes

Find some of the Levi’s most spectacular and untouched spots of beauty, breathe fresh air and listen to the silence

There are plenty of  snowshoeing safaris or you can rent snowshoes and plan your route yourself.

It is very easy and lots of fun to try snowshoeing by yourself. You can hire snowshoes for just a few hours or even for the whole week.

Winter walking map 

Snowshoeing rental shops and safaris

  • Fun Action Levi
  • Lapin Luontoelämys
  • Lapland Safaris
  • Levi Ski School
  • Backwood Action
  • Kinos Safaris
  • Guesthouse Loma-Paksu
  • Forest Folk Ltd
  • Arctic Hospitality
  • Juki Tours
  • Polar Star Travel
  • Polar Lights Tours Oy
  • Eanan Local Adventures in Levi
  • Northern Lights Village Levi


Nowadays, skiing tracks have already become very old in terms of trends. So why don’t you try shifting to something new? Try changing from skiing to snowshoeing that not only provides you with a magical experience but also improves your fitness. If your heart aches for some walking exercise, then nothing’s better than snowshoeing in cold and snowy. It is an environmentally friendly way of finding a reason to move in nature.

If a person can walk, then he/ she can snowshoe too. This magical exercise is so addictive that sometimes people travel to a snowy climate as a priority to experience snowshoeing. Just take a partner or a companion and enjoy the experience. Even solo would be fine!
In simple terms, snowshoeing can be said as walking over snow with the help and assistant of footwear called snowshoe. It has a wide frame design mechanism that prevents your foot from sinking into the snow. Snowshoeing is easy and it generally doesn’t require any form of experience and the types of equipment involved in this sport are also very easy to use. Actually, it is the easiest of all winter sports.

This awesome exercise builds up a perfect alternative to snowboarding or skiing in winter. It is an excellent way to stay fit and anyone can learn it quickly. It is an active form of exercise and is very affordable too. With a high number of hiking trails doubling up with a snowshoe track, the experience is magical. Try signing up for snowshoeing safari and experience the best enjoyment in a very limited time. It also lets you enjoy the quietness of the Lappish wilderness. This also provides an excellent introduction to this easy and healthy sport. The Snowshoes will definitely make you have a breathtaking experience of silence, peace, and freshness of nature.

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