Nightlife in Levi

Levi’s nightlife is lively, famous and renowned. In Levi after skiing, you can smoothly continue your nightlife. Karaoke can be sung and listened to e.g. In Ihku, Wallis and Narran. The traditional Brewery and Public House Sofa attract a relaxed pub atmosphere. You can also play board games and watch sporting events on the tea room. If you are hungry during the trip, you can order a pizza from the Downstairs Pizza Factory to enjoy on the Sofa. An interesting pub can also be found on the corner of Kotipizza, a large terrace on a sunny promenade and an actual pub downstairs. The name is descriptively Pub Downstairs. There is also a pub in Hölmölä on the promenade, whose relaxed atmosphere is easy to sigh in and enjoy even a small snack, always so nutritious traditional pub food.

Ruska is the beginning of the autumn season in Levi. Ruska includes well-known live performers both at the Crazy Reindeer Arena and in smaller restaurants. The first dance beats of the afternoon will be given at the traditional slope restaurant Tuikku. Tuikku’s mountain humps have been running Levi’s tourists for several decades. The whirlpool of the dance can be continued later in the evening in the restaurant Joikus, whose list of performers is also worth checking. The nightclubs also have live performers as well as visiting DJs to entertain the party crowd. From time to time, new places of interest pop into the list of traditional restaurants, which are definitely worth a visit. Take control of Levi’s nightlife!


Bar Levi Ihku – Levin Ihku is already a legend among Levi’s party-goers, and there are some stories inside the walls of Ihku over the years…

Hullu Poro Areena
The 1,700-party Crazy Reindeer Arena is located right in the center of Levi, at the foot of the front slope. Year after year, all of Finland’s top artists have risen on the stage of the crazy Reindeer Arena. Many kinds of gig buses can still be seen near the Spring Arena until May Day.

Ravintola Wanha Hullu Poro – Wanha Crazy Reindeer is one of the nightclubs of Crazy Reindeer in Levi. Theme nights offer a variety of programs that leave no one cold. If your vocal cords force you, you can sing the songs you want in karaoke.

Frendi – Stylish Frendi Levi in ​​a central location. All season nights are hosted by changing top DJs. Every night at Frend is different.

Joiku karaoke bar – Dance Restaurant – A completely new outdoor terrace has been opened and in the middle of the renewed pub look inside, you can also sing karaoke in the karaoke booth among your friends in peace or just practice for yourself.

Gastro KDownstairs live music. The club is really an adult nightclub where a DJ lifts the mood to the ceiling.

Narran (Restaurant, Karaoke Bar & Night Club) – Ihqu


Bar Levi Ihku – Popular karaoke

Joiku karaoke bar

Wanha Hullu Poro

WallisWallis` Levi is a casual meeting place for all karaoke lovers.

Narran (Restaurant, Karaoke Bar & Night Club) 


Bar Levi Ihku – Legend…

Pub Sohva -A warm and helpful beer restaurant along Levi’s main street.

Pub Old Mates – Brittish Pub

Bar Alakerta – Sunny Terrace – “Music is close to our hearts. Bar Downstairs is transformed into an atmospheric gig space and we do gigs no matter the genre. In addition, every Sunday there are the legendary Open Stage Jams in Bar Downstairs. On weekends, the house’s own or visiting DJs keep the atmosphere going. “

Pub Hölmölä – Levi’s funniest pub. Hölmölä offers the best brewery products and cocktails, followed by unpretentious bar food. Board games, table football and billiards are available free of charge.

Panimo Pub & A’la Carte – ”Then we know you´ll enjoy your holiday when you´re happily talking in our pub. We show sports like ice hockey, football and Formula on TV. Sometimes Live music also available”

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