Restaurants in Levi

Levis restaurant variety is large and there is something for everyone. During day time the restaurants on the slopes are popular, serving their soups, pizzas, hamburgers and salad buffets. In the evenings you can have an amazing food experience in Levis a high-class restaurants.restaurants that are each specialized in their own signature taste. Here are some well known and loved restaurants : King Grab House, Kuura, Kiisa, Aurora sky, Gastro K. The Lappish cuisine is served in many restaurants for example in NiliPoro, Immelkartano Riihi, Hullu Poro Ämmilä and in the Kammi restaurant located in the 5K hotel. For steak lovers we recommend Pihvipirtti, Colorado and Stefan`s Steakhouse. The best pizzas you will have in restaurant Renna.

Levi has a mixture of well known companies with restaurants that have been around for a long time and then there are new interesting restaurants that bring new perspective to the city. During the highest season of tourist we recommend you to book a table.

Around the town you can also find a few cafes where you can stop for a warm drink and something sweet. There are mainstream cfes like Espresso House and small local cafes.

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