Why travel to Levi ski resort?

Levi is one of the most magical ski resorts in the world. The resort is placed in the heart of Kittilä and only 15 minutes away from the airport. Levi welcomes guests in a warm-hearted and stylish village full of many Nordic activities.

Why to choose Levi over other ski resorts? Levi is a beautiful destination where snow is guaranteed during the winter seasons. Travellers fall in love with the beautiful mixture of the surrounding nature and urban activities, such as spa, bowling and nightlife. Are you ready to take on the slopes, pet reindeer and dance on tables all during the same day in the same location? All pleasurable moments are just within a short walking distance.

Levi, invites all tourists with open arms. Entering the village you can sense the internationality and relaxed atmosphere. All age groups have also been taken into consideration. There are many fun and new experiences for children. For example, sledding, ski-school, huskies, indoor play areas and elf town. We welcome everyone?

Levi is famous for its youthful nightlife, which actually starts already during the day in the slopes. Drinks in the slope surrounded by beautiful snowy scenery, sunshine, friend or family.  In Levi we start dancing on tables as soon as the sun rises and the ski boots are on. Even though the temperature might be low the atmosphere warms everyone up. Special things in Levi are also midnight sun golfing and World Cup alpine skiing.

The Levi ski resort is the biggest resort in Lapland with its 43 slopes and dozens of ski restaurants and cafes.  The resort has been voted as the best Finnish ski resort numerous times and the village has hosted many Alpine Ski World Cup Slalom races.

The nature in Lapland is like from a fairy tale and its the best place to experience Lappish adventures in the snow. Snowmobile safaris cross country skiing, downhill skiing and hiking in the glistening snow. You can experience once in a lifetime moments in Levi, like catching the northern lights. You can also experience the traditional Lappish culture in the food, clothes and people in the area.

Levi ski resort activities during seasons of year

Winter in Levi – Lapland

What to do in Levi winter?

A thick blanket of snow and magical northern lights pretty much sums up winters in Lapland. The sun doesn’t rise above the horizon during the twilight period. In the northern corners of this winter wonderland, the twilight period can last up to 51 days.

Winter arrives a month earlier in Levi than other regions in Finland. Winter is the longest season experienced by this region and it lasts for up to 200 days. As a result, you get to experience a whole range of winter activities here. The temperatures fall to as low as -15ºC to -25ºC. These frosty conditions help you spot the most spectacular light phenomenon in the dark starry skies, Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights.

As thick snow engulfs the region, it throws open opportunities for snowboarding, downhill skiing, and cross-country skiing. Also, you can have an ultimate experience on a reindeer sleigh ride, a snowmobile safari or husky dog safari. Dare to take a plunge into an ice pool? There is a myriad of options for those who are fond of adventurous activities. Also, you can experience snowshoeing and fat biking while here. First snow ski trails open up in October and downhill slopes in November.

If you want to stay warm and still not miss all the fun that the mystical nights at Lapland have to promise, then you enjoy the captivating beauty from Katka huts have massive glass windows that let you experience the sheer beauty while you stay warm around the bonfire. These huts are located in the vicinity of our Levi apartment. See places to walk around page for more info about Kätkä huts and other free activities nearby.

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Summer in Levi – Lapland

What is Levi like in the summer?

Summers in Lapland are as unique as the winters. You get to experience nightless nights that are marked by the midnight sun. The sun doesn’t set at all in Lapland whether it is day or night. It is worth indulging in canoeing, white water rafting, Frisbee golf and traversing the rugged backwoods of the region. Fish a delicious catch or fill your berry baskets on the cloudberry swamps.

During summers, the accommodation in Levi is cheap. This is because it is not the peak season. Request for deals and make the most out of them. Hike or just walk in the picturesque landscape. Watch nature come to life in the summers. No matter what you want to do, our Levi apartment would serve as the perfect base during your trip.

Spring in Levi – Lapland

How is spring in Levi?

The best time to witness the beauty of Lapland is during spring. You have the opportunity to experience nature waking up from a deep slumber. The season is a symphony for the senses. The snow begins to thaw at the onset of May. You can hear the sounds of migratory birds and enjoy nature to the fullest. You get to indulge in outdoor pursuits in the mild sunny weather.

While the winter is giving into the sun, you can lose yourself in the picturesque landscapes. You can participate in cross country skiing and ice fishing. Trekking can be difficult in early spring as the area is still covered in a thick blanket of snow. Downhill skiing is also immensely popular during the months of March and April. You can watch lichens and coniferous trees magically emerge from the snow. The change in the scenery is dramatic.

To witness the transformation closely, you need to stay close to nature as possible. Accommodation in Levi resort in Lapland can delight you with a myriad of experiences during spring. As Lapland is flocked with visitors, you must make an early reservation in order to grab the best deal. People love partying and enjoying the warm spring sunshine after staying indoors during harsh winters. Being in Lapland during spring is a once in a lifetime experience. It is difficult to experience anywhere else.

Autumn in Levi – Lapland 

What is there to do in Levi in autumn?

If you want to experience true shades of autumn, then head to Lapland. There is an explosion of colors in the forests. Autumn foliage is popularly referred to as ‘Ruska’. It is a spectacular phenomenon to watch deep and soft tones covering the land. The days are shorter and the rain starts raising the water levels of the lakes and rivers. This is the time to calm your senses.

The cooling weather forms clouds of mist over the water bodies. The vibrant autumnal shades of the Ruska period signify that nature is preparing itself for the winters. The nightlife is quite buzzing during this period. You can refresh at a spa or pick berries and mushrooms. You can also participate in the Ruska marathon that is held in September and indulge in golf.

Lingonberries glow red in the autumnal forests amongst grey lichens and the swamps. Experiencing the vibrant display of orange-yellow Ruska would be a sin to miss. The best way to experience autumn is to try Nordic walking. The air is cool and fresh. The entire experience is refreshing. After having a hectic day exploring the beauty of Lapland, you can retire in our cozy Levi accommodation during the autumn months.

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