Cross-country skiing at LEVI

At Levi, you can start xc ski season allready 10.10, that time first snow ski track is opened every year. Track is about 10 km or even more, depending about climate.

In the network of tracks totalling 230 kilometres in length, there are suitable ones for Sunday skiers, active fitness enthusiasts and competitors honing their skills. 28 kilometres of tracks in the Rakkavaara area are also illuminated for late time skiing. The lights are on daily from 6.00 am to 11 pm.

All tracks of Levi are suitable for both classic and free technique.

The little trail cafés that can be found along the way are mainly open during the winter and spring season. Be prepared with cash.

At Levi, people are still skiing on May Day.

Near our Levi apartment you will find network of 230 km xc ski trails.

Levin kierros 18 km
Miniporo valaistu 2,3 km
Pikkuporo valaistu 4,2 km
Isoporo valaistu 8 km
Valorakka 6,3 km
Utsuvaaranlatu, vaikea 3,2 km
Reittivaihtoehtoja Levillä
Kätkätunturin kierros 16 km
Pyhätunturin kierros 25 km
Muusan kierros 27 km
Aakenuksen kierros 40 km

In Spring season you can ski from Levi to Ylläs tunturi or to Kittilä city.

In spring season tracks will be opened to Lapinkylä  where the tracks connect with Kittilä cross-country skiing tracks.

See below maps of Ylläs area and Kittilä area.

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Little trail cafés in LEVI cross-country ski trails

luvattumaa ski trail cafe latukahvila


Luvattumaa is located along the trail from Levikeskus to Könkää (north), about 7 km from Levi. The trail runs from the initial trip in mountain scenery, but after landing on Lake Levijärvi, the route is very smooth. There is a wide range of offerings in the Promised Land, from an ice hotel to Karaoke. During the day there is soup lunch and café products, in the evenings it serves as a bespoke restaurant. Monotans and live performers are sometimes in the repertoire. The promised land can also be reached by car.
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Tonttula is a large entity that includes high-quality accommodation services and a wide range of experiential program services. In Tontula, a passing skier can enjoy a soup lunch and a varied selection of café products. The elf has a lot of Christmas and elf-themed interior design items for sale. The atmosphere in the big old main building is in itself very enjoyable.
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Hankipirtti is located about 10 km from Levi. At Pirtti you can enjoy e.g. ski breads and sweet treats. The gooseberry is especially popular with sledders, but the fun and varied trail profile with its beautiful scenery attracts skiers in that direction to take a break. At Pirtti, it is nice to rest in the warmth of the fireplace.
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Merkkisen laavu ja latukahvila - Merkkinen lean-to and cafe

Merkkisen laavu

The Merkkinen shed is located northwest of Kätkätuntunri on a slope about 7 km from Levikeskus. The brand has great views in the direction of Pallas. In the kiosk café, the shed sells café products and sausages for frying, as well as handicrafts. The brand is a nice break, annoyingly few just ski there, although the trail is nicely varied and the views beautiful.
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Riihi vohvelikahvila - Riihi waffle cafe

Vohvelikahvila Riihi - Immelkartano

On the shores of Lake Immeljärvi, there is a wonderful atmospheric café in the old town, where you can enjoy waffles, drinks or even a soup lunch in the warmth of the fireplace. You can fry sausages bought from inside with a shade. Immelkartano has a bespoke restaurant, a bespoke sauna and toboggan safari services.
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The fire house is an old reindeer farm with a wide range of services. The saunas heat up on the banks of the Ounasjoki River and you can also get to the open air, they have reindeer rides, eagle meals and program services, e.g. waterfall and Lapland dew. For skiers, there is a cross-country café with handicrafts and jewelery in addition to food and drink. You can easily ski to Sammun-Tuva while skiing a round of Levi, from there it is about 11 km to Levikeskus.
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Loimulohi kotakahvila

Warp Salicot is located in South Point right along the trail. Delicious salmon pieces are spewed in the hut, and sooty pot coffee and donuts are also available.
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Lapinkyla ski trail cafe latukahvila


Lapinkylä is an old reindeer farm specializing in northern lights tourism. Glass igloos offer guests the opportunity to admire the northern lights. There is a café for skiers in the village of Lapland. Food services are available on request. Reindeer rides are also organized on the farm. The trails from Lapinkylä continue in the direction of Kittilä, as well as to the Loukinen danger hut, the center of Levi is about 13 km away. The village of Lapland can also be reached by car.
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Marja-Leena nuotiokahvila

Located along the Levi-Köngäs trail, a couple of kilometers from the Promised Land, more precisely about 8 km from Levikeskus, about 2 km from Könkä. From Marja-Leena, the trails leave for Raduskylä and Könkää. The café serves in the hut and in good weather outdoors. You can get hot drinks from Marja-Leena, e.g. homemade berry juice, pancakes, donuts, campaigns and breads and sausages.
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Rauduskylän latukahvila

Rautuskylä has a trail café in an old commercial building. Soup lunch and café products are served here. Crafts for sale are also on display in the large space.
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Pirtti is about 20 km from Levi and Ylläs is less than 30 km. Pirtti offers accommodation services and yoga retreats. Pirtti has a trail café, which, in addition to traditional café products, also has more special products, e.g. tea and dried natural herbs. Aakenus is located along beautiful landscapes and ski trails as the last stage towards Ylläs.
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Kätkänlaavu - Kätkä lean-to

Kätkän latukahvila

An kiosk café on a large tent site on the west side of Kätkä fell. The cafe is located at the crossroads of popular routes, in a beautiful sunny location, gathering plenty of skiers for a break.
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Kätkäjärvi latukahvila ski trail cafe

Kätkäjärven latukahvila

On the shores of Lake Kätkäjärvi is a popular trail café, whose rows of benches are filled with skiers on sunny days. The beach has a shed and a campfire site. The kiosk-type café sells drinks, snacks and sausages.
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Cross-country skiing at Kittilä – area map – Kittilä city area tracks 

In spring season tracks will be opened to Lapinkylä  where the tracks connect with Levi cross-country skiing tracks. When you ski from Kittilä you will find a café in Kultamaa, in the village of Kenttälä, by the lake Nälkäjärvi, 4 km before Lapinkylä. Skiing to Paartoselkä, you will reach a teepee (self-service) along the Ylävitonen-track. Särestöniemi-track will be opened in March before Särestöniemi skiing event.

Cross-country skiing at Ylläs – area map – Ylläs area have xxx km tracks. 

On Spring season you can ski from Levi to Ylläs tunturi or to Levi. See  maps of Ylläs and Levi areas.

See also Ylläs-Levi marathon ski competiton –

Cross-country skiing at PALLAS and RAATTAMA

Ylläs area have 330 km tracks, illuminated track 38 km.

Several skiing cafés can be found throughout the skiing trails. They offer hot drinks and light lunch. Be prepared with cash.

On Spring season you can ski from Levi to Ylläs tunturi or to Levi. See  maps of Ylläs and Levi areas.

See also Ylläs-Levi marathon ski competiton –

Cross-country skiing

Levi is Finland’s best cross-country skiing resort

Most visitors come to Lapland for the marvellous cross-country skiing. You can visit for skiing during midwinter, spring winter and Christmas or New Year. XC sci becomes more fun when there are well-maintained and wide track that only Levi provides. Winter ski in Lapland is majestic and beautiful and a reason why you should pay a visit. And the great northern lights force anyone for night skiing.

Xc ski for beginners to professionals

You can escape in the wilderness with Levi’s beautiful and variation of tracks designed for basic to professional level skiers. Individuals can practice cross-country skiing with free and classical techniques. For late-night skiing under the beautiful northern lights, there are 28 kilometres long tracks situated in the Rakkavaara area. As you ski, you will be able to find trail cafés that are great places to sit and enjoy nature in the spring season. Overall, there is a network of 230 kilometres long track that people can enjoy. Have a look at the map of Levi’s cross-country ski tracks and an interactive map of ski trails for more information.

How to get started

Before you fall on your face on the beautiful white snow, you can take a small training to improve your skills in ski track and have a better experience. With the impressive tracks given by Levi, it also offers the opportunity to people for learning how to ski like a professional at their very own institution called Levi Ski School.

Get your perfect equipment

The equipment rentals provided by Levi are customized specially for cross-country skiing in the tracks of Lapland. Each equipment is waxed and maintained regularly for the best experience. No matter what route you are choosing, Levi’s material will always be the first choice.

Are you looking for accommodation in Levi? Book accommodation in the center of Levi

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