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AUTUMN (1.9.-30.11.)

Colours of the fall (September)
The colours of the foliage in the fall are absolutely breathtaking. A perfect way to enjoy nature turning into a vibrant mix of strong colours is to venture out into the natural park for a hike or maybe just for taking pictures.

First snow (October-November)
First snow reaches the North around October–November. A white blanket covers the ground as the temperature drops below zero. It’s still an optimal time for hiking as the sun still surrenders some of its warmth in the daytime.

Autumn in Lapland is filled with magnificent foliage colours, which make the scenery look absolutely breathtaking. The warm colours of summer start to fade and nature prepares for the winter ahead. Imagine hiking up to the top of a fell and just looking around and breathing in the nature with a fresh Northern breeze.

Lapland’s national parks provide the perfect surroundings for enjoying the late summer and the beginning of autumn. The beautiful colours almost insist that you spend time outdoors. With autumn comes the time for harvesting the treats that have been growing during the summer. Pick berries and mushrooms in the forests or head out to the rivers and lakes for a fishing trip.

As the nights get darker, the setting is optimal for witnessing one of nature’s greatest wonders, the Northern Lights. Nature’s own show on the night sky is definitely worth seeing. And in late October, you can begin to anticipate the first snow to cover the ground.

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