Levi Midnight sun

Enjoy midnight sun in Levi

Midsummer and a nightless night in Lapland is an unforgettable experience. Nature is at its greenest, thousands of birds are singing, and the sun is not setting at all. There is plenty to do in Levi even around the clock. Midsummer usually does not bother mosquitoes yet.

Midsummer cruises on Sirkka and Levijärvi are offered by Kinos Safaris. A place for a two-hour cruise must be booked in advance, as only a limited number of participants can be picked up on the ferry. It is also possible to dine on the ferry by prior arrangement, and sauna and swimming are also possible. A cruise on the lake by the fells is a wonderful experience. Proper dressing is worth remembering.
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During Midsummer, you can enjoy the relaxed lakeside atmosphere on the shores of Lake Immeljärvi in ​​the Sauna Bar. On the sandy beach you can take a dip in the beach chairs or take a dip in Immeljärvi. There it is possible to listen to live music in the evening and enjoy the sizzling roast (check the days).

The authentic Midsummer sauna can be accessed in Tonttula’s large old beach sauna. The sauna can accommodate about 15 people at a time. From the sauna you can take a dip in the adjacent Ounasjoki river. It is nice to stay in the courtyard to cool off after the sauna. It is also possible to dine in the elf.

A walk in the fells is especially recommended on Midsummer, because then there is no time difference, you go at any time is the nature amazingly magnificent. A midnight stroll to the top of Levi to admire the surrounding fells, enjoy the light and the cleanest air in the world. From early in the morning, it’s a good idea to take a break to Kätkä and take your breakfast needs with you in your backpack. The demanding ascent of the cache rewards the scenery that opens up to the top. The peaks of Pallas, Ylläs and Kätkä are right next door. When descending from the cache, you can even go swimming in the sauna bar with ice cream. If possible by car, Särkitunturi and Kumputunturi are great day trip destinations.

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