Levi autumn clors - Lapland fall colors

Levi ruska and the closeness to the nature of Lapland can be experienced on site. The colors of autumn are magnificent and you can also see the northern lights from the end of August. In autumn time, you can go on holiday on your own or enjoy a rich variety of events and culture, such as Levin Ruskamaratonista, guided tours and museums and art galleries.

It’s nice to go on an autumn trip mountain bike, for which there are plenty of routes in the nearby fells. By walking access to many beautiful places e.g. To the top of the cache and from there to admire the scenery all the way to Pallas and Ylläs. There are several campfire sites and shelters. In autumn, you can find berries and mushrooms in the terrain.

The autumn time is also the most popular golf time in Levi and you can play from morning to late evening. The fresh and cooling air is refreshing. The services of the village from restaurants to cafes and from the bowling alley to the spa guarantee a relaxing and memorable holiday.

For those interested in running, the Ruskamaraton running event will be held in the vicinity of Levitunturi. The Levi Brown Marathon competition weekend is a busy time at Levi, and the Levi autumn market is being held at the same time.

After a day in the fell, you can pop in at Spa or book a massage. In September, the restaurants will have performers in the evenings to entertain brown tourists. Levi’s autumn time is a busy tourist time.

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