Snow castles and snow villages at Levi

If you ever wanted to be in a breathtaking icy wonderland then Snow Castle is the perfect place for you.

A snow castle or a snow fort is a structure where everything is built with snow and ice including the walls and roofs.

These structures are built every year which includes various additional entertainments so that all the visitors have an unforgettable experience.

Snow castles and Snow villages 

  • Winter is here – Game of Thrones Snow Village – Levi
  • Or you can always build by yourself a small snow castle, there is lots of snow available through all winter to the end of April 

Snow castle villages

Ever tried stepping into the magical area filled up with land and snow? No worries because Snow Castle villages are here to provide an experience that will be hard to forget for your entire life. The snow castle villages are an excellent structure that changes its size and shape every winter season. These castle villages also consist of many types of facilities including restaurants, bars, hotel suites, lobbies, various hotel rooms, and chapel. The most interesting thing about this place is that it is made up of crystallized water.
Every year, the Snow Castle Villages are built from scratch. Whenever the spring season arrives, then everything melts away. These Castle Villages are open for the public during the winter season in Levi. This place has excellent travel connections by car, skis, and snowmobile so that tourists don’t face any major issues and problems. Apart from the above facilities, major spas and cafés with full-fledged theme events are also available here. All the visiting tourists have a wide range of entertainment choices for families, groups, individuals or for companies too. This Castle village area covers a wide area over 10,000 square meters. In these types of snow hotels, the tourists will enjoy an unforgettable experience in an artistic and cool room is warm sleeping bags. The Ice Chapel is an awesome choice for a wide range of weddings.

Villages and Castles situated at Levi:

Game of Thrones Snow Village: Remember the hit spectacular television show named Game of Thrones. While having nostalgic feelings about Daenerys Targaryen, we would like you to show you an explicit experience of Game of Thrones themed castle village. Experience this themed iced village during the Levi stay. The tourists willing to visit this place will also have an opportunity to experience the life sized sculptures and other inspiring structures as seen on the show.

Game of Thrones SnowVillage facts:

  • Hotel rooms and on suite rooms
  • Ice restaurant and a warm log restaurant
  • Ice Chapel, around 50 couples get married here during the winter season
  • Ice Bar and Ice Lounge to enjoy your refreshing beverages
  • Another Ice Lounge with Game of Thrones art
  • Ice Slide and other things to do
  • Made of 40 000 m3 of snow, almost 400 000 kilograms of ice
  • 50 construction workers and a month to build
  • Rooms designed by sculptors from Russia, Poland, Latvia and Ukraine
  • Created in cooperation with HBO Nordic.

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