How to get to Levi?

Getting to Levi is easy

There are 4 ways to get from Helsinki to Levi by plane, bus, train or car.

Levi is within easy reach of the Kittilä airport, only 15 minutes away by car. Daily flights (approx. 1 h 20 min) from Helsinki will bring you to Levi within just a few hours, depending on where you live.

To Levi it is better to fly via Helsinki (1h30min) or Stockholm (1h40min) to Kittila a/p. and there is shuttle bus from the airport to Levi takes 15 min. You can also take a sleeper train from Helsinki to Kolari (80 km away from Levi) or to Rovaniemi (with this trains you can take your car as well).
Helsinki is a convenient hub for getting to Levi from anywhere in the world. During high season, direct flights to Levi can also be caught in Turku and Tampere in Finland and many cities in Europe. Overnight car-carrier train connections are found in Helsinki, Turku and Tampere and they will carry you and your vehicle to Rovaniemi (170 km from Levi) or Kolari (80 km from Levi) and you can proceed from there.

How to get to Levi by plane

Kittilä airport is situated about 40 mins (by car) from Äkäslompolo and 15 mins from Levi vacation center. From the airport, there are shuttles to Levi and Ylläs. The shuttle bus leaves after the luggage are delivered. You can check bus schedules here. You can also find taxis at the airport. Taxis cost approximately 30 euros to Levi, 60 euros to Ylläsjärvi and 90 euros to Äkäslompolo village. If you think you need to rent a car, there are also car rental companies at the airport.

How to get to Levi by train

The easiest way to book railway tickets is to go straight to VR‘s website. The railway station is located at the center of Kolari which is 40 km from Äkäslompolo, 35 km from Ylläsjärvi and 80 km from Levi. There is a shuttle bus which leaves every time a train comes to the station. This shuttle will go only to Äkäslompolo. Levi does not have a shuttle transport from the railway station, but there are many taxis waiting when the train arrives.

How to get to Levi by bus

By bus, you will travel comfortably to Ylläs and Levi from near and far. From Matkahuolto‘s website, you can browse the schedules and buy tickets for your trip. Also, OnniBus operates its new routes; Helsinki-Ylläs and Helsinki-Levi.

How to get to Levi by car

By car, you can reach both vacation centers easily. If you are coming from the south, drive to Ylläs by road 21 / E8 and turn 10 km after Kolari onto road number 940 to Äkäslompolo. Another option is from Rovaniemi, Kittilä road number 79. After the center of Kittilä, turn left to road 939 to Ylläsjärvi. Through Ylläsjärvi, you can easily reach Äkäslompolo via Landscape Road. If you are going to Levi, drive to Kittilä via road 79 and continue 15 kilometers to get there.

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