Levi Ruskamaraton

The autumn marathon is the most popular running event in Lapland. The traditional Ruskamaraton in Levi gathers a lot of runners and happy supporters as well as those who enjoy the atmosphere of the brown marathon. The Levi Autumn Marathon has been organized since 1984. The Levi’s traditional Autumn Marathon gathers about 2,500 runners in the fell on the first weekend of September.

An event suitable for those interested in running will be held in the vicinity of Levitunturi, in the middle of the Lapland autumn. The journeys are a full and a half marathon and a 10 km trail run.

At the same time you can come to enjoy the atmosphere and the famous Brown Market. The autumn market offers food, drink, a program, shopping and of course a real market atmosphere, as well as enjoying the marathon’s evening events. The start and finish of the races will be on the elevator road in front of ZeroPoint.

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