Hiking destinations in and around Levi

Levitunturi has 5 named and marked hiking trails. They are 1 to 18 kilometers long.

Kumputunturi can be reached by deviating from Kittilä-Sodankylätie, the walk is about 4 km up to the old fire guard house, which currently serves as a daycare. The forest surrounding the fell is a more than 200-year-old Natura-protected forest.

For longer routes, it is worth going in the direction of Ylläs or Pallas. The hiking trail between Levi and Ylläs is well marked, remembering to just follow the walking trail and not go on a ski or toboggan run so as not to end up in a swamp or lake. The Ylläs-Levi distance is not special in terms of scenery, and it is worth climbing the peaks of Aakenus and Kätkä to view the scenery. Of course, at Ylläs, Kellostapuli and Varkaankuru are also handsome.

The Ylläs-Pallas distance is already more popular and scenically more rewarding for the walker. Desert huts and habitats can be found along both routes.

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