Rental and Booking Conditions

Leviloma complies with the following booking and cancellation policies. These terms and conditions are binding on both parties once the customer has made a booking. The person making the reservation must be of legal age.


The booking is officially confirmed after 100% of the rental price. The full rental price must be paid at once if the rental period starts within less than 3 months. A separate email address will be sent to the customer with payment information attached. If payment is not made by the due date, the renter has the right to cancel the booking and the booking will expire.


Cancellations must always be made in writing (e.g. by email). The cancellation is considered to have taken place when we have received the cancellation notice. We will acknowledge receipt and contact you regarding a refund of any charges.

Cancellation policies vary by cancellation period.

If it is more than a month (30 days) before the start of the rental period, we will refund the rental fee you have paid.

If there is less than a month (30 days) to start the rental period, we will refund 50% of the rent you paid.


If a force majeure event arises, the so-called FORCE MAJEURE, the renter can cancel the booking. The customer is then entitled to a full refund of the rent. The renter also has the right to cancel the booking in case the payment is not made on time.


Information about the keys and the key box code will be sent to the contact details of the booker no later than 3 days before booking.


The handover of the apartment to the tenant is on the day of arrival at 16.00. Departure time is 11:00 on the day of departure.


Smoking is prohibited in all apartments inside. There is a € 500 cleaning fee for smoking.


Pets are only allowed in pre-arranged exceptional cases. Pets must be mentioned at the time of booking. Pet fee is € 30 per stay.


The accommodation and its furniture will be inspected after each rental. The customer must compensate Leviloma directly for any damage caused to the accommodation or its furniture.

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