Sights within walking distance in Levi

In the area of Levi you can reach many different sights with foot. During winter you can take maintained paths and tracks for walking, biking and snowshoeing. You can view these track from a map where they are shown. Below are a few of our favorite destinations.

The peak of Kätkä fell

The path to Kätkä starts from the Levi ski center. In winter, the route is a popular snowshoe route, but can also be walked without snowshoes depending on the tracks condition. There is a lot of ascent on the way ( peak is at the altitude of 505m). The distance one-way to the peak is 4km and another 4km back. The beautiful scenery is worth the climb. During summer there are several options for hiking to the top of Kätkä, due to the melted ski trails that make excellent hiking paths. At the top there are huts open during summer season for cooking and eating snacks. During the snowless season, it is worth walking through the canyon between Kätkä and Pyhätunturi.

Korkeaniemi shed

From the shore of Immeljärvi (near levi center) starts a road , which continues as a path and rises to a hillside where the shed is located. The distance to the shed is under 2km. The shed has beautiful views in the direction of Levitunturi. Korkeaniemi shed is a popular place to barbecue sausages and marshmallows, it’s also known for the beautiful view. In winter, the journey can continue in the direction of Riihikahvila (café) and return via Lake Immeljärvi.

Levi fell peak

From the Levi ski center behind the Levi Spa Hotel, stairs rise up the slope to the Panorama Hotel. If the stairs feel too steep you also have the option to take the gondola elevator. From the Panorama hotel the journey continues on a motor road which rises higher to the fell. This road takes you to the Horizont restaurant. If you still have energy you can continue to a fell restaurant Tuikku. The path up to Levi fell peak can be used all year around.

Santa Claus childhood home cabin in Levi

Santa Claus cabin is located on the southwest side of the fell, near the top, off piste, in between the gondola (World Cup and west pistes) and lift number 11 (south pistes).

In the winter you get to Santa’s cottage by snowshoeing, skinning up with skis, or the easiest option: by taking a gondola from the Levi ski resort up to the top, and descend down a bit, preferably by skis or snowshoes or you will sink in the snow up to your waist.

In the summer you get there by hiking up or by downhill biking (one track passes the Santa Claus cottage).

Map pointing Santa’s cabin:

Levi fell walking options on the west side

A set of winter walking tracks start from the Front point next to the Kid Land. The tracks go around the whole west side of Levi fell ending at the South point. In total the distance is 20km. On the way you can find a few huts and a lean-to.

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