Levi Wellness Club gyms

One gym with two gyms, SPA AND BASEMENT and KURU YOGA.

Levi Wellness Club also organizes a variety of group exercise and yoga classes.

The SPA gym is located in the center of Levi in ​​connection with the Levi Hotel Spa. The SPA hall is a versatile hall for functional training, the hall also has equipment for weight lifting. In the hall you can find e.g. spinning bike, treadmill, rowing machine, free weights, handleballs, boxes, balls, ring, ropes and other exercise equipment.

BASEMENT is located at Poron Bensis station a few kilometers from the center of Levi. BASEMENT is a large functional hall where you will also find gym equipment. The hall offers an excellent setting for versatile training, and Basement offers a wide range of different Yoga and group exercise classes.

Levi Wellness Club also offers help with life changes, new tips for training, a gym program or a boost for your workouts. More information, opening hours, price lists, contact information and an hourly calendar of group sports can be found at: https://leviwellnessclub.fi/

With the basement you can take a shower and also a sauna Mon-Fri from 5 pm to 8 pm In the spa hall, you can access the sauna and shower by showing your Levi Wellness Club pass or on a one-time visit.

1 km walk from our apartment.

Hotel Hullu Poro gym

Hotel Hulluporo’s gym is varied and includes a spa and sauna area.

The gym has David’s gym equipment. In addition, the gym features a Star Track treadmill, exercise bike, spinning bike, rowing machine, punching bag, stretching room and weight room.

After the gym, you can relax in the hotel’s sauna and spa area.

1 km walk from our apartment.


Hotel K5 gym

The hotel’s K5 gym is a peaceful and varied gym. The hall is located in the basement of the K5 hotel.

The pricing of the K5 gym is the cheapest in Levi.

No showers or clothes changing rooms are available. Toilet and water point can be found.

1 km walk from our apartment.


Aslakin Liike gyms in  Kittilä

The gyms of the Aslak Liike are located in the center of Kittilä – one in the business district and the other in Hotel Kittilä. Aslak’s facilities are suitable for training with both gym equipment and free weights, and there is also room for functional training. In addition, the opening hours are not unnecessarily precise: members can train with a key card from dusk to late in the evening.


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