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Daytrip to Panorama laavu cafe – also called “secret cafe”

Café Panorama Laavu, nestled near Levi’s front slopes, boasts a 300-meter scenic secret path from the Levi Summit parking lot. Indulge in hot drinks, crepes, and fried sausages by an open fire in the Laavu, all while enjoying breathtaking views extending to Pallas fells.

At the heart of Café Panorama Laavu is an inviting open fire. Whether it’s winter’s northern lights or summer’s midnight sun, the forest shelter provides a cozy vantage point. With a glass front wall, you remain sheltered from the winter chill. Adjacent to the café is a scenic tower, offering an extended view of the captivating Lappish landscape

How to find Levi secret cafe? How to find Panorama laavu? (The Google maps link show the starting point of the stairs, the stairs lead near to the secret café and also to the Panorama café)

Steps, gondola or taxi up to Panorama. Go behind the large Panorama building. Follow the footpath surrounded by trees and it is a short walk on the right. There are also viewing platforms up there as well. One of the nicest views in the whole of Levi.